christine laverne et Georges bronner

The authors

We combine our activities as university geologists and amateur watercolor painters to write and illustrate geology texts, hoping to make knowledge of geology and our profession more accessible to a greater public. Attentive to both pedagogy and aesthetics, we link traditional naturalist painting techniques and modern graphic tools to illustrate the volcanoes, ocean floors, lost oceans and Provence geology that we discuss. Our watercolors of Normandy and Venice are grouped with the literary paintings of Marcel Proust in several of our books.

Producing and presenting these works at book fairs and exhibitions create the opportunity for exciting and encouraging encounters with other authors, graphists, editors and readers.

This site, dedicated to our watercolor work, presents our books along with a gallery of paintings, published or unpublished.

Christine Laverne was a senior lecturer of geosciences at Aix-Marseille University, France. For the last thirty years, her research has been devoted to the study of rocks from the oceanic crust, and particularly their interaction with seawater. She has participated in numerous oceanographic cruises, has written many scientific papers, and has created the watercolor illustrations for several books. She likes field geology, studying rocks with the microscope, and painting watercolors.

Georges Bronner was a senior lecturer of geosciences at Aix-Marseille University, France. His main research based on field investigations and remote sensing has been devoted to the structural geology and iron metallogeny of ancient earth’s crust in the West-African desert (Mauritania). He has written and illustrated with watercolors several books on geology of south-east France. His favorite subjects are mountains and sea, therefore he is painting from life.


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