christine laverne et Georges bronner

G.B. & C.L. Release of a second booklet

After the sea, the mountains… In April, Cahiers du temps publish Elevation, a leaflet book on the mountains, where our watercolours accompany a poem by Charles Baudelaire.

texte important pour le referencement

G.B. & C.L. Man and the sea

This small leaflet book, published by Cahiers du Temps, will be released in April 2021. Our watercolors accompany Charles Baudelaire’s poems.

G.B. Mushrooms in the gallery

Restrictions due to Covid prevented me from picking mushrooms in the fall 2020. Instead, I sorted my watercolors of mushrooms to add to the gallery.

C.L. It was published on 26 July 2020…

… the book Le Chalet Chabert. Due to Covid, the party gathering the whole family at Wellingtonia to celebrate the 150th birthday of the house has been postponed. Instead, visits spaced in time, but oh how warm! The book is available at La Maison de la Presse in Houlgate, on the publisher’s web site, and … Lire la suite…

C.L. Soon a new book

Just a little geology and watercolors, but many old pictures about my ancestors’ summer house in Houlgate since 1870. Description and subscription on Cahiers du Temps.