christine laverne et Georges bronner


This gallery presents mainly oceanographic vessels used as illustrations of the books Drill me a painting and A la conquête des grands fonds. French, american, or even japanese, recent or old, on site or sailing, they invite us to travel. I had the opportunity to participate in several missions on some these ships.

Thin sections

Thin sections of rocks which are shown in this gallery are 25 to 30 micrometers thick. They are observed using a polarizing microscope, either in plane polarized light (PPL), or in crossed polars. I particularly like these geological objects. A petrologist (from greek “petros”, the rock) is a scientific who observes, describes, and analyzes rocks in … Lire la suite…


Normandy.  The beginning of impressionism…  A whole world… Houlgate… Here, the show continuously varies with seasons, tides, hours, wind direction and strength, sun and clouds. Finally, just a combination of air, water and light… This galery shows some of the watercolors that are not published in Proust et la Côte Fleurie, Au fil de la Dives, or Villégiature.


  Fossils are witnesses of past life. Their old age and the precision of their details are moving. Most of these watercolors are published in Georges Bronner’s books Du delta du Rhône à la rade de Toulon and De la Durance aux monts du Vaucluse.