christine laverne et Georges bronner


Mushrooms, with their infinite variety of shapes and colors, make a perfect subject for watercolor, reproducing their fragile and ephemeral existence in quick portraits. This diversity is displayed here in the several specimens gathered during random encounters. This gallery is not intended to be a scientific catalogue and could even present certain inaccuracies. Do not … Lire la suite…


The desert, a two-dimensional universe, captivates the regard between modest hill and mountain. The brutal dawn, pounding daylight, ephemeral twilight all leave little room for contemplation during the geologist’s day. When the shadows lengthen and colors invade the landscape the paintbrush stands ready to replace the hammer.

Other mountains

Summers, like winters, provide multitudes of paintings with forms and colors of infinite variety. To set their fleeting existence in watercolor is to risk seeing the paper dry too quickly, too slowly, frost over or catch dust and even fly away… But what joys to paint this subject whatever the season and weather.

Mountains. Vallorcine, aiguilles Rouges

Through the elegant curve of the col des Montets, Vallorcine faces the impressive summits of the distant Mont Blanc range. This small village backs onto the colorful summits of the Aiguilles Rouges on which remain sediments showing traces of dinosaurs’ footprints.

Mountains. Trient, Tour, Chardonnet

The Chardonnet peak looks nothing like a small thistle but rather seems to be a gothic tower in the flamboyant style. It dominates the part of the range shared by Switzerland, Italy and France. It opens the spread of the three glaciers surrounding the Aiguille du Tour. A range open on all sides offering greatly … Lire la suite…

Mountains. Mont-Blanc range

The Aiguille Verte and les Drus, the Chamonix peaks, Mont-Blanc and its glaciers, together trace a line of varied sculptures. Depending on the season, time of day or weather, they are colored, lit up or darkened, offering chiseled or finely polished shapes. A living mountain range.

Fossils Georges

Fossils are witnesses of past life. Their old age and the precision of their details are moving. Most of these watercolors are published in Georges Bronner’s books Du delta du Rhône à la rade de Toulon and De la Durance aux monts du Vaucluse.


Always moving and eternally changing, the sea captivates the eye and requests the brush. This sight of the gulf of Ajaccio is one of about forty watercolors realized at dawn, from the same point of view, in the course of days and years …


A l’exemple de la tradition des peintres naturalistes, le matériel s’offre et séduit par sa diversité infinie de formes et de couleurs.


Passion of bridges stepping over rivers.