christine laverne et Georges bronner


“This book was never written, it was collected…”, Marcel Proust tells us. It was in Normandy that he made his most beautiful harvests which would become, transfigured, the elements of his novel where the villas ans hostels hold a privileged position. There he gives us a charade of a holiday on the Cote Fleurie at the dawn of the twentieth century. We have tried to make this come alive again through our watercolours.


Authors : Georges BRONNER, Christine LAVERNE & Martine SALVATGE
Translation: Lou ROBY
Hardback: 64 pages
Size : 24 x 16 cm (9.4 x 6.3 inches)
Publisher : Cahiers du Temps
Edition : 1st (may 2017)
Language : French-English

Price: 22 euros