christine laverne et Georges bronner

A la conquête des grands fonds

What does the deep ocean look like? What is the sea floor made of and what structures exist there? What special tools had to be invented to study this huge area that has long been inaccessible to geologists and geographers? The submarine “terra incognita” covers two-thirds of the earth’s surface and has always stimulated the inventiveness and cleverness of scientists! Because studying the ocean crust is critical to understanding the dynamics of our planet and to utilizing resources hidden beneath the sea, engineers and researchers have devised new techniques and novel tools to explore what had previously been “unfathomable.”

This book reveals the sea floor in an original way. It is a journey through the history of the technologies that have made it possible to observe the sea floor both from the surface and from submersibles. The authors illustrate the methods and the major results obtained at each stage of this history of exploration. The reader is led through an amazing adventure, enhanced by over a hundred watercolors showing the instruments, ancient and modern ships, submersibles, sailors and scientists at work, and bathymetric and geologic maps.

Extracts : pages 34 et 35pages 98 et 99pages 152 et 153


Authors: Jacques KORNPROBST & Christine LAVERNE
Size: 21 x 24 cm

Publisher: Quae

Edition: 1st (Avril 2011)

Langague: French
Type: Hardback book

Reference: 02241

Nb of pages: 176
Price: 28 €

Type: Adobe PDF

ISBN-13 : 978-2-7592-0897-5

Reference: 02241NUM

Nb of pages: 176

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