christine laverne et Georges bronner

Proust et la Côte Fleurie

Marcel Proust paid numerous visits to the Côte Fleurie and used it to create the settings of some of his most beautiful pages. Who better, indeed, to « illustrate» this publication than this painter, director and realist poet ?

Extrct : Page 10 et 11


Authors : Martine SALVATGE, Christine LAVERNE and Georges BRONNER, extracts of Marcel PROUST
Hardback : 64 pages
Size : 24 x 16 cm (9.4 x 6.3 inches)
Publisher : Cahiers du Temps
Edition : 1st (July 2003), 2nd (January 2013), french-english version of the book En passant par Houlgate, sur la Côte Fleurie avec Marcel Proust
Language : French-English
ISBN-13 : 978-2911855603
Price: 22 euros