christine laverne et Georges bronner

The cat

Leaflet book.

Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) is one of the greatest French poets, a forerunner of symbolism and poetic modernity. His famous collection of poems, Les Fleurs du mal, was published in 1857 by Auguste Poulet-Malassis in Alençon, Normandy. The Cat comes from this collection. It is here accompanied by watercolors by Christine Laverne.


Author of watercolors: Christine Laverne

Leaflet 22 pages, on felt grit paper 300g

Size : 14 x 14 cm
A glass cat’s eye is glued to the flap.

Publisher : Cahiers du Temps
Edition : 1st (March 2022) Limited edition
Language : French-Italian
EAN 9782355071331

Language : French-English
EAN 9782355071362

Price: 10 euros