christine laverne et Georges bronner


The pebble is a natural object found throughout our planet and probably on any rocky planet where water occurs in a liquid state… Since its birth, the Earth produces at any moment billions of pebbles, along with the rising of mountain chains, the flowing of waterfalls and rivers, and the beating of the sea along the coast.

Thus the pebbles of the lower Dauphine region tell the geological history of the Alps, and the stones from the plateau of Lannemezan, that of the Pyrenees.

The pebble and Man have always been intimately linked. They are everywhere, in the riverbeds, alluvial terraces, fields, house walls, underfoot, decorating our gardens, streets, traffic circles, in gums, soaps, candies, computer mice under our fingers, and recently, in the press, catalogues, advertising…

This book condenses the main elements of the exhibition Autour du Galet, created in 2008 in Chateauneuf­-de-­Galaure and recognized by the Label of the International Year of Planet Earth.

It presents the pebble through successive angles, geological, prehistorical, artistic, cultural, ecological, and everyday. A lesson of things that touches the universal.

EXTRACT : Pages 10 et 11


Author : Georges BRONNER
Paperback: 48 pages
Size : 24,5 x 33 cm
Publisher: Atlantica
Edition : 1st (September 2010)
Language : French
ISBN-13: 978 2 7588 0346 1
Price: 17 euros


Géochronique n°119