christine laverne et Georges bronner

Guide géonautique – Du delta du Rhône à la rade de Toulon

This guidebook considers, through the coastal landscapes of the Rhone delta to the Toulon basin, the last two hundred fifty million years of the geological history of calcareous Provence. The film of events takes place right in front of us, with the coming and going of the sea at the time of the dinosaurs, and the major upsets of the Tertiary Era which gave the coast its current form. It is the continuation in time and space of the previous Geonautical

Guide which covers the coastal geology of crystaline Provence from the Hyeres basin to the Esterel range. Vacationers, take your time, cast your anchors. Walkers, lay down your packs by the roadside. The landscape awaits our observation, the ordinary rock our contemplation. So, with the help of this book, the imagination will come light up what the eye cannot read. Fossils fascinate us and unveil the infinite creativity of nature throughout time. But landscapes, rocks and fossils teach us much more; they are evidence of a past environment, irreversably changed by Man. They merit our full respect.

EXTRACT : pages 28 et 29


Author : Georges BRONNER
Hardback book : 64 pages
Size : 29 x 21 cm
One out of text map : 40 x 56 cm
Publisher : Editions Jeanne Laffitte
Edition : 1st (May 2006)
Language : French
ISBN-13: 978 2 86 276 442 9
Price : 23 euros


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