christine laverne et Georges bronner

La presqu’île de Giens

The Giens Peninsula, this blade of « the sundial » planted in the Var sector of the Mediterranean, is a special world whose fans have not yet completed its inventory. Inventory of landscapes, strongly modelled by an exceptional geological history; inventory of botanical and ornithological species which have made this place a precious ecological niche; and inventory of human types and trades, fishing, agriculture, salt mining, which have shaped history.

This small work, prepared by the Association for the Preservation of Nature in the Giens Peninsula is both a contribution to the knowledge of this unique site and a gesture of love for a place of grace and beauty.

EXTRACT : pages 22 et 23


Authors : Georges RENCKI, Monique BLAQUIERE ROUMETTE, Catherine GAUTIER, Georges BRONNER
Paperback : 64 pages
Size : 28 x 16 cm
Publisher : Association pour la Sauvegarde de la Nature de la Presqu’île de Giens
Edition : 1st (2007), 2nd (2009)
Language : French
ISBN: 978 2 952 9481 0 4
Price: 20 euros