christine laverne et Georges bronner

De la rade d’Hyères à l’Esterel – Guide géonautique

To observe rocks and landscapes. To rebuild their history, to catch time, to appeal to the imagination. Geology is a science of the imagination based on real things. See, look, observe, recognize, understand.

This work uses the pretext of a slow navigation along the coastal landscape between the Hyeres basin and Esterel range, to discover its astonishing geological history. The navigator’s regard is naturally directed towards the coast to check landmarks, find shelter, go farther away, be afraid or be reassured. More than a mere guidebook, this work intends to enrich a sporting type of exercise, to give it a complementary meaning, to open the mind to the great richness and fragility of our environment.

It is mainly addressed to the some 480000 walking lame, unconscious adventurers, hunters, fishers, divers and other solitary individuals in motorboats, sailboats or swimsuits, who every year clutter this Mediterranean coast.

Extract : pages 36 et 37


Author : Georges BRONNER
Hardback book: 64 pages
Size : 29 x 21 cm
One out of text map : 40 x 56 cm
Publisher : Editions Jeanne Laffitte
Edition : 1st (April 2004)
Language : French
ISBN: 2 86 276 402 7
Price: 23 euros


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